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We offer you a complete range of equipment for simulation, recording and reading and interference detection. 


What is GNSS? (explanatory video)


Spirent has been supporting and will continue to support commercial product developers, application developers, system integrators and others with a comprehensive range of GPS, GLONASS and Galileo constellation analysers. However if you are not working on Multi-GNSS, you probably will be soon and the Spirent range of Multi-GNSS products are available now.




Choosing a GNSS simlulator



- GPS/GNSS Simulation: Suggested Products


The most reliable way to measure the performance of your PNT system. Spirent simulators not only give you repeatability and control over testing, but also the truth data you need to benchmark and improve system performance.


GSS6300M with PAD
Accelerate your production testing. The GSS6300M enables fast, accurate testing of positioning capabilities in devices as they come off the production line.     More information


Multi-GNSS, multi-frequency simulator for R&D, verification and integration testing in consumer and commercial devices. Supports any combination of GPS/SBAS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou-2 signals, for testing all types of signals. More information - RTK module

The most sophisticated GNSS/GPS simulator, supporting design and development of positioning, navigation and timing systems for military, space, research and other high-precision applications. More information







Video presentation: Multiple test simulation systems by SPIRENT









- Record & Playback: Suggested Products


Bring the full richness of the real-world RF environment into the lab with our range of Record & Playback devices. Save time and money on field testing, and gain more control.


Low-cost, flexible RPS
A powerful, low-cost and user-friendly way to capture real-world GNSS signals and replay them in the lab.                   More information


First-ever portable 16-bit RPS

Offering 16-bit quantisation in a highly portable product, the Spirent GSS6450 lets you capture complex RF signal environments in more detail than ever. More information



 RF Interference: Suggested Products


Use our interference detectors and simulators to understand how your PNT system handles different types of RF interference, including jamming, spoofing, multipath, and atmospheric effects.


Interference Detector
Understand the hidden threats in your RF environment by monitoring GNSS interference activity at a site of interest. More information


Interference Simulation

Combine with a Spirent GNSS simulator to create a comprehensive solution for testing location-aware equipment in the presence of RF interference.             More information



Robust PNT Framework

Spirent’s Robust PNT framework enables informed decision making to improve resilience.
  • Interference detector to detect disruptive RF interference
  • Threat Intelligence Library of actual and typical threats
  • Test Bench to regenerate RF vulnerabilities in the lab
  • Audit and test services


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